Privacy Policy

Concerning the Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal information is considered data that specifies a specific individual or data through which specific individuals may be contacted.
kazagulma inc. receives personal information belonging to its customers in the course of every type of service it provides such as its film-making business and iPhone support.
Our company has established a policy for the protection of personal information as described below, has established a framework for the protection of personal information, and has implemented the policy for the protection of personal information such that every employee handles it with a thorough awareness of the importance of the protection of personal information.

The following explanation exemplifies such facets as the types of personal information that kazagulma inc. collects as well as the applicable uses of information.

1.Acquisition of Personal Information

1.1.kazagulma inc. will collect appropriate personal information, and will not use dishonest or otherwise improper means of acquisition.

2.The Management of Personal Information

2.1.kazagulma inc. will implement strict measures to manage personal information in order to maintain the personal information of customers in an accurate and up-to-date condition, and will take steps to prevent its improper access, loss, corruption, alteration, leakage, etc. by arranging a system of operation and maintenance of security systems and by taking necessary measures such as thorough training of employees.

3.Purposes of Use of Personal Information

3.1.kazagulma inc. uses personal information for the provision of its services, its content creation, and for the improvement of its services.
3.2.kazagulma inc. also uses personal information for internal company uses such as audits, the analyses of data, and inspections, etc. for improvements in production, provision of services, and communication with customers.
3.3.kazagulma inc. uses personal information in order to send items such as email or documents for purposes such as contacting clients, replying in response to inquiries, or providing guidance.

4.Prohibition of the Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

4.1.kazagulma inc. will not share a person's personal information with third parties without the agreement of that person.
4.2.kazagulma inc. may disclose personal information to vendors entrusted with business in order to provide services desired by the customer.
4.3.Disclosure is not subject to prohibition when required by laws and ordinances.
4.4.kazagulma inc. may provide aggregated statistics on the usage of its website to third parties. Information that specifies individuals is not included in this type of information.

5.Measures for the Security of Personal Information

5.1.kazagulma inc. will take thorough security measures to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information.
5.2.kazagulma inc. cannot guarantee the security of information sent to it. Please assume the risk yourself when making transmissions to kazagulma inc..
kazagulma inc. will make its very best efforts to ensure the security of transmissions once kazagulma inc. receives them.

6.Customer Inquiries

6.1.When a customer desires an amendment or deletion of their personal information, or wishes to make an inquiry regarding it, we will comply with the customer's request when we confirm that the person making the request is the customer.

7.Adherence to Standards, Laws, and Ordinances, and Relevant Review

7.1.Together with strictly adhering to applicable Japanese laws and ordinances, as well as other standards concerning the protection of personal information, kazagulma inc. will make appropriate revisions to the contents of those policies and will make efforts to improve them.


8.1.Usage of kazagulma inc.'s website constitutes your consent to the collection and usage of specific personal information.

Please direct inquiries concerning the handling of personal information to the following address.

Most recent revision: January 28, 2013