Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Use (hereafter referred to as "terms") govern every service provided by this site and every instance of use of this site by users.
Please read these terms carefully before beginning to use this site.
Usage of this site constitutes your agreement to adhere to the terms of this site. If you do not consent to the terms of this site, we request that you refrain from using this site.


Terms used in relation to the terms of this site are defined as follows.

1.1. "This site" is defined as the website operated by this company (http://www.kazagulma.com).
1.2. "Users" are defined as customers or visitors who browse or use this site.

2.Disclaimer of Warranties

2.1. This company cannot provide any guarantees of the accuracy of the contents of any pages on this website or any service provided by this website. Furthermore, this company does not assume responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly from any services provided to users.
2.2. This company does not provide any guarantees that the information, pages, images, etc. on this website will not include harmful elements such as viruses, or that third parties will not have improper access, or otherwise that this website will be secure.

3.Reservation of Rights Regarding Information

3.1 The copyrights of all of the data, pages, images, etc. that constitute this website belong to this company and the creators of the images etc. Unless given authorization by this company in special circumstances, users may not carry any data, images, or programming from this website in any other websites, magazines, advertisements, etc. However, users may carry or refer to pages or text on this website when granted permission by this company.
3.2 If any party reproduces information on this site in violation of the preceding items, this company will take measures against the said violators based on copyright law (warnings, legal accusations, requests for compensation, injunctions, measures to seek vindication, etc.)

4.Attribution of Rights

4.1. The rights related to the the programming, software, services, trademarks and trade names as well as the services, goods, or general associated expertise provided by this company or companies with which this company has a business partnership belong to the respective rights holders of programs etc. or the providers of information etc., and users etc. will not in any way infringe on those rights etc.
4.2. Users etc. will not infringe or reconstruct the programs or software etc. that constitute this website.
4.3. If any disputes arise due to violations of the provisions of these terms, the users etc. assume the costs of settlement of the applicable disputes themselves, and this company is exempted from those costs no matter what the case.

5.Compensation for Loss

5.1. This company, and any third parties including business partners of this company, are exempt from responsibility and do not bear responsibility for compensation for applicable damages due to any cases of violations of provisions of laws and ordinances, any guidelines on this site, any agreements of this site, or this agreement with those users etc.
5.2. Should users etc. violate this agreement and cause cause this company, this company's business partners, or third parties harm, they assume the responsibility for all compensation that should be given to to this company's business partners or third parties.

6.Updates etc. to Each Service

6.1. This company may supplement, update, interrupt, or terminate any of its services for any reason at its convenience.

7.Applicable Laws and Courts with Jurisdiction

7.1. If any disputes arise between this company and users regarding this agreement, both parties will confer together in good faith.
7.2. If a settlement is not reached pursuant to the previous subsection, it shall be brought to the Tokyo District Court as the first trial's agreed exclusive jurisdiction.
7.3. This agreement is governed by the laws of Japan.

8.The Handling of Personal Information

8.1. This company will handle personal information appropriately based on the PRIVACY POLICY.

9.Changes to This Agreement

9.1. This company may update this agreement at any time based on its own judgment and for any reason.
9.2. Changes to the terms shall, except when decided otherwise by this company, come into effect at the point on which they are displayed on this site.
9.3. When changes to this agreement have come into effect, use of any services shall constitute agreement by the users to the entire contents of the agreement.

Please direct any inquiries about this company's handling of this agreement to the following address.


Most recent revision: January 28, 2013